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NASBA’s CPE Audit Service will be down for scheduled maintenance on Saturday, May 25. 

Ethics Committee application

The VBOA is seeking nominations for Virginia licensed CPAs interested in serving on the Ethics Committee. The VBOA Ethics Committee meets at least annually to develop and make a recommendation to the VBOA for a proposed outline for the next year’s VBOA-approved ethics course VBOA Segment.

The primary duties of the VBOA Ethics Committee include:

  • Working with the VBOA member liaison and VBOA staff to develop the following year’s VBOA Segment.
  • Reviewing the previous years’ VBOA Segment and making comments and/or recommendations for the VBOA’s consideration.
  • Reviewing comments from VBOA-approved ethics course participants and make recommendations for the VBOA’s consideration.

VBOA Ethics Committee members serve 3-year terms. Ethics Committee members cannot be current VBOA members or members of the Virginia Society of Certified Public Accountants Board of Directors. Ethics Committee members must be in good standing with all governing bodies including state boards of accountancy.


  • Individuals wishing to serve on the VBOA Ethics Committee may nominate themselves or another individual.

  • Name of individual submitting nomination if other than nominee