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NASBA’s CPE Audit Service will be down for scheduled maintenance on Saturday, May 25. 

License verification

If you are a Virginia CPA applying for licensure in another state or jurisdiction, the VBOA can issue a license verification on your behalf. A license verification, or Letter of Good Standing, is a document that we send to other state boards to communicate the exam and license history on a VBOA licensee.

Depending on the requirements of the board receiving the verification, you can either:

  1. Request our standard “automatic” verification document be sent (described below), or
  2. Submit a “manual” request that we fill out a physical form for you. 

The automatic verification includes: the licensee name, license number, issue and expiration date, confirmation of AICPA Ethics Exam, status of CPA license, any disciplinary actions and CPA exam scores if the licensee took the exam as a Virginia candidate. If the CPA exam scores are no longer on file, a statement regarding the passing of the CPA exam will be included.

In each case, we will email the completed verification directly to the applicable board of accountancy unless specified otherwise.

Please reach out to the state board where you are applying for your new license to determine which option would fulfill their requirements.

Here’s how to request either option:

1. Requesting an “automatic” verification

You can request an automatic license verification through your VBOA license portal:

  • Login in with your User ID and Password here.
  • Select “Document Request” from the menu.
  • Select “Continue” under Eligible Licenses.
  • Choose “License Verification” as the Reason for Request.
  • Choose the state your verification will be sent to as the “Document Type.”
  • Select “Add” and then “Pay fees.”

The fee is $25 per copy sent. Processing time is 7-10 business days from date of submission.

We email the verification directly to the other state board of accountancy, copying the licensee on the outgoing correspondence.

2. Submitting a “manual” request

If you need another board’s specific form completed or a verification sent by mail or email to an employer, a professional organization, for personal use, etc., you must request this by mail.

Please mail the form or request you want us to complete along with a check for $50.00 made payable to the “Treasurer of Virginia” and a brief cover letter requesting the license verification to:

Virginia Board of Accountancy
9960 Mayland Drive, Suite 402
Henrico, Virginia 23233

We will complete the form or verification and email it to the party indicated, copying the licensee on the outgoing correspondence. Processing time is 7-10 business days from the date you see the check being deposited.