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Choosing a CPA

The VBOA cannot refer or recommend a CPA. The public is encouraged to visit the VBOA licensee search and verify if a CPA holds an Active license. Other resources on CPAs include the Virginia Society of Certified Public Accountants and the Better Business Bureau.

Choosing a CPA firm

The VBOA cannot refer or recommend a CPA firm but it is important to verify that:

  • The firm is lawfully operating as a business.
  • The firm has complied with licensing laws.
  • The firm has complied with any practice monitoring program or peer review requirements, if applicable.
  • Verify any disciplinary history or adverse administrative action against the firm.

Engagement letter

An engagement letter defines the legal relationship between a CPA and a client. This letter includes the following:

  • What services will be performed?
  • When the services will be completed?
  • What is expected of the client and the CPA?
  • How much will be charged?
  • Signatures of all parties involved.

The engagement letter should be updated when services or fees change.

Refer to the AICPA Code of Professional Conduct for guidance on referral fees, contingent fees and commissions.