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NASBA’s CPE Audit Service will be down for scheduled maintenance on Saturday, May 25. 


All actively licensed Virginia CPA firms must renew their individual license annually by June 30. A firm license expires on June 30 and may be renewed beginning March 1.

The non-refundable renewal fee is $75. An additional processing fee of $25 will be added if renewing by check. License renewals require affirmation of complying with peer review requirements.

Firms must also ensure that the Virginia CPA whom is appointed as the principal licensee has renewed their individual CPA license.

Unrenewed firm licenses will automatically go into Expired status the day after the renewal is due, on July 1.

Once the firm license goes into Expired status, it will be the responsibility of the firm to reinstate the license. There is a non-refundable $500 reinstatement fee.

During the time in which the license is in Expired status, the firm may not provide attest or compilation services until reinstatement of the firm CPA license is shown as Active on the VBOA’s Licensee Search.

Renewal reminders

The VBOA sends email renewal notices, a letter and a phone call, if necessary, to remind firms of the renewal date of June 30. It is the responsibility of the firm to renew their firm license, if they so choose, regardless of whether the firm receives a reminder notice for renewal from the VBOA. 

The VBOA Licensee Search can verify whether the firm license has been renewed. The records are generally updated within 24 hours after online processing.

Firm renewals can also be processed using the Firm CPA License Renewal Form. Download and mail the form with a check to the VBOA once completed. The fee for sending a check is an additional $25.

Voluntarily surrender

A firm CPA license must be maintained in order to continue to provide attest or compilation services or financial statement preparation services to persons or entities located in Virginia.

The CPA firm can choose to voluntarily surrender the license by contacting the VBOA. To voluntarily surrender, please provide the VBOA in writing with the name, license number and desire to voluntarily surrender the license. It can be submitted via email, fax or mail. The firms record will be updated to Voluntarily Surrender. Otherwise, the record will reflect Expired status.

The firm may apply for reinstatement if the firm chooses to begin providing attest or compilation services to persons or entities located in Virginia.