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NASBA’s CPE Audit Service will be down for scheduled maintenance on Saturday, May 25. 

Individual CPAs

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The Virginia Board of Accountancy provides applicants information needed to first become licensed and how to annually renew the license.  

Information is available for individuals licensed in another state or country and those interested in applying for the Inactive status.

The VBOA encourages CPAs to serve their communities as volunteers by providing their knowledge and financial expertise. Consistent with the role of protecting the public and assisting CPAs, the VBOA has developed a resource for providing volunteer services.

An individual can practice accounting, bookkeeping or render tax services without a CPA license. A non-licensee may prepare financial statements as long as no claims of audit, review, or assurance is made on those financial statements, in accordance with Code of Virginia § 54.1-4401.

The VBOA provides a listing of all new Virginia individual licenses since 2011.