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The Virginia Board of Accountancy investigates complaints against Virginia licensees, expired licensees or non-licensees using the CPA title or performing services in Virginia restricted to CPAs. 

The VBOA does not have any authority over non-CPA accountants or bookkeepers, unless they are using the CPA title or are performing services in Virginia restricted to CPAs.

The VBOA’s Enforcement Division:

  • Investigates complaints against licensees and unlicensed individuals that are within the jurisdiction of the VBOA.
  • Coordinates investigations of matters with other agencies that involve significant loss or harm to Virginia citizens.
  • Increases adherence to licensing requirements and professional standards by CPAs and public accounting firms.
  • Resolves VBOA enforcement matters and adjudicating complaint cases in a timely manner.
  • Maintains the confidentiality of information obtained during investigations.
  • Monitors licensees disciplined by the VBOA.
  • Publicizes disciplinary actions necessary to protect the public.