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Virginia scores are posted on NASBA’s website initially and then sent to the VBOA within 24 to 48 hours. Candidates should allow at least 24 to 48 hours after NASBA releases test scores before re-applying for a failed section.

To retrieve your scores, enter your section ID and date of birth. The section and attendance date will automatically populate. The Score button will retrieve the exam score. Because all scores are not received at once, some candidates may have to wait longer than others before their scores are available.

If you pass an exam section, the credit you earn will have a lifespan of 30 months beginning on the score release date. 

CPA exam score release timeline

General score release information for 2024 is below. Both the testing and score release schedules will be atypical throughout 2024 and are still subject to change. 

CORE score release dates (FAR, AUD, REG)

Core test dates: Scores released:  
Jan. 10-March 26   June 4
April 1 – June 25 July 31
July 1-Sept. 25 Oct. 31
Oct. 1-Dec. 26 Early Feb. 2025

DISCIPLINE score release dates (BAR, ISC, TCP)

Discipline test dates:  Scores released:  
Jan. 10-Feb. 6  April 24
April 20-May 19     June 28
July Sept. 10
October Dec. 10

CPA exam score transfers

The VBOA requires an exam score transfer fee of $25 for candidates requesting an exam score be transferred from Virginia to another state. Complete the CPA Exam Score Transfer Form and submit it to the VBOA with the fee.

Exam rescore

Visit NASBA’s Score Information page to request a rescore of an exam section.

Exam score expiration

As noted, the credit you earn when you pass an exam section has a lifespan of 30 months, which begins on the score release date.

Once you have passed all four exam sections within the required 30-month timeframe, your scores will no longer expire (for the VBOA).

Learn more about the 30-month credit earning window on the About the Exam page.