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Established in 1910, the Virginia Board of Accountancy regulates certified public accountants in Virginia through a program of examination, licensure for individuals and firms, consumer protection with enforcement, continuing professional education audits, and peer review oversight.

The VBOA is a non-general fund agency whose revenues are wholly dependent upon the fees established for CPA exam candidates, applicants, licensees and firms.

The VBOA may impose penalties on persons or firms using the CPA title in Virginia or firms providing attest services, compilation services, or financial statement preparation services to persons or entities located in Virginia, or on a person or firm who does not hold a Virginia license or does not meet the requirements to use the CPA title. The VBOA works in accordance with the Code of Virginia statutes and VBOA regulations. All penalties collected by the VBOA are deposited into the state literary fund. The funds are not available to the VBOA as operating funds.

VBOA mission

The VBOA’s mission is to protect the citizens of the Commonwealth through a regulatory program of licensure and compliance of CPAs and CPA firms.