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Virginia-Specific Ethics Course – Changes coming in 2021

Board members voted on May 21, 2020, to provide more options to the Virginia-Specific Ethics Course beginning Feb. 1, 2021.

The two-hour annual requirement will remain the same. All licensees (excluding those approved for the Inactive status) will still complete a VBOA-approved ethics course that complies with VBOA regulation 18VAC5-22-90

Every VBOA-approved ethics course will now include the VBOA Segment. The VBOA Segment will be a video covering one or more topics the VBOA has determined should be covered in every VBOA-approved ethics course. The VBOA Segment will include timely regulatory and/or policy changes, as necessary

The VBOA will approve all providers and courses ahead of time and it will be the CPAs responsibility to choose an ethics course from a VBOA-approved provider.

This revised format appeals to CPAs in different types of practices and industries and is consistent with what other state boards of accountancy offer.

Currently, there is only one Virginia-Specific Ethics Course offered each year and all CPAs are required to take the same course.

More information will be available later this year.