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Virginia-Specific Ethics Course 2020

The Virginia Board of Accountancy has contracted with the Virginia Society of CPAs as the sole provider of the Virginia-Specific Ethics Course content and material for the 2020 course.

All sponsors of the Virginia-Specific Ethics Course must be pre-approved annually by VBOA staff before offering the course to CPAs. Sponsors will be required to demonstrate their compliance with the VBOA’s policy on content/material and instructor requirements prior to approval. Beginning in 2020, all instructors must also be pre-approved by the VBOA.

Potential sponsors and instructors must follow the guidelines for the Virginia-Specific Ethics Course including certifying the ethics material will be obtained from the VSCPA, provide a list of course instructors and submit it to the VBOA for approval.

Once approved, the sponsor and instructors will appear on the VBOA website.

The VBOA will not accept any Virginia-Specific Ethics Course completed from a non-approved sponsor and the licensee will be penalized for not completing the approved course.

Please contact the VBOA by phone at (804) 367-8505 or by email at with any questions.