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Ethics provider FAQs

Below are questions and answers related to creating and obtaining a VBOA-approved ethics course. If you have any further questions, please contact

Q: How does the application process work?

A: There are two steps to the application process.

  1. First, you will complete the VBOA-approved ethics course provider application and agreement and include all required files/attachments. Once submitted, the VBOA will review your application and ask any additional questions, if needed. Once approved, the V BOA will email you to indicate your first-round approval. This means you will be sent the VBOA Segment and the written script. The VBOA Segment must be integrated into the beginning of your ethics course.
  2. Second, to make sure the VBOA Segment is integrated into the beginning of your course properly, you will need to send the VBOA the entire course in the format you will present it to course participants. The VBOA will quickly review the entire course to verify the VBOA Segment is correctly placed at the beginning of the course. This is the second-round confirmation.

After the second-round confirmation, the VBOA will send notification via email that you are officially approved as a provider for the VBOA-approved ethics course. The course and contact information will be posted on the VBOA website. Please check the website to make sure course information is represented accurately.

Q: How do we obtain the VBOA Segment to integrate into our supplemental ethics course?

A: When you apply to become an approved provider, you will include an outline and detailed description of your entire course as well as the actual course material (e.g., the entire on-demand video, self-study booklet or video, etc.).

Once the VBOA approves your first-round application, we will send you the VBOA Segment and the written script. You will then integrate the VBOA Segment into your course, and send us the completed course to review and confirm. You will certify not to share the VBOA Segment video with any other providers, or anyone who is not enrolled in the course. 

Q: Does it cost anything to obtain the VBOA Segment?

A: No, it does not.

Q: I know we need to include the VBOA Segment at the beginning of the course. What do we do with the written script?

A: You can simply provide the written script, if needed, to course participants. It also includes links referred to in the video, which some find useful.

Q: When can I submit my provider application?

A: You can submit a provider application during the year at any time for the current calendar year course. VBOA staff will review each course and provider individually.

Q: When will the listing of approved courses be complete?

A: The listing of courses is ever changing. The new course list will go live by Feb. 1 of each year and courses will continue to be approved and posted on the VBOA website throughout the year.

Q: We intend on offering the course in more than one format – for example, an on-demand webcast and an online self-study. Do we need to submit an application for each proposed format?

A: No, you only need to submit one application. However, you must include the detailed description, outline, and entire course in each format in your single application. Each proposed course will receive individual approval. 

Q: Will written/self-study courses be considered for approval?

A: Yes. If you become an approved ethics provider, the VBOA will provide the VBOA Segment (video is approximately 18 minutes) and the entire written script of the segment. 

As a provider, you would be required to develop any slides, freeze frames, etc. from the VBOA Segment video. This developed written/visual material must be included in the second-round confirmation of your course. 

The VBOA segment video should be presented in a way (e.g. behind a paywall) that only those enrolled in the course can view it, and that they cannot fast forward or skip it.  

Q: My course has officially been approved by the VBOA and posted to the website. What now?

A: You must collect all course evaluations from participants and send them (in batches, not individual evaluations) to within 60 days of receipt.

Q: Can we use our own course evaluation template and questions to give to course participants, or do we have to use an evaluation form provided by the VBOA?

A: For course evaluations, you may use your own template and questions, but you must also include a link to the VBOA-approved ethics course evaluation in your course.

Q: What is the VBOA-approved ethics course evaluation?

A: The VBOA-approved ethics course evaluation is a brief survey directly from the VBOA. It includes two questions regarding the VBOA Segment and the course format, which places no limit on the number of providers that can offer a VBOA-approved ethics course.

Q: If my provider application and completed course is approved, can I sell the course to other groups for use?

A: Yes. Once your course is officially approved by the VBOA and posted on the website, you may sell the course to other groups for use.

Q: What am I responsible for if I sell my approved course to other groups for use?

A: If you sell the approved course, you are responsible for providing the certificate template to the purchaser to ensure that all participants receive the appropriate documentation. As the seller, you are also responsible for collecting all course evaluations from your purchasers to forward to the VBOA.

Q: Do ethics course instructors have to be Active Virginia licensed CPAs?

A: No, they do not.