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Firm changes

A CPA firm must communicate to the VBOA all revisions that require an amendment with the Commonwealth of Virginia’s State Corporation Commission (SCC). Mail, fax or email a copy of the Certificate of Amendment from the SCC within 30 calendar days of any change.

Change of contact information

Login to update contact information (excluding name) or submit a Change of Contact Information form. Pursuant to Board Regulation 18VAC5-22-170 each holder of a Virginia license must notify the VBOA in writing within 30 calendar days of any change in the holder’s name, postal and email addresses, and phone number.

Change of legal entity

Any change in the legal entity of a CPA firm requires the new entity to apply for a new firm CPA license.

Change of ownership or licensure requirements

The firm must notify the VBOA with 30 calendar days of any change that may affect the license of a CPA firm in accordance with § 54.1-4412.1, Code of Virginia, and Board Regulation 18VAC5-22-170.