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Investigative results

All closed investigations are available to the public in accordance with the Virginia Freedom of Information Act (excluding Confidential Consent Agreements).

It is the policy of the VBOA to publish the information of licensees against whom the Board has taken a disciplinary action resulting in suspensions and revocations and for other professional violations. The VBOA publishes information of licensees found to be deficient in CPE credit hours only in the event of a previous CPE deficiency finding or previous professional violation. The Board also publishes information of exam applicants and unlicensed individuals and firms against whom the Board has taken a disciplinary action. This policy is subject to change without notice.

Board Disciplinary Actions

All Board Disciplinary Actions from 2011 are listed in alphabetical order.

Contact the VBOA for Board Disciplinary Actions prior to 2011, or if additional information or documentation is needed. 

Statistics of closed investigations

Statistics of closed investigations is presented for the calendar years 2014-15. Statistical analysis is presented by source of complaints, the allegation/issue and resolution.